Welcome to AS Solar Maroc

AS Solar Maroc is a sister company of AS Solar GmbH.

as solar buildingBased in Hanover, AS Solar is a worldwide wholesaler for solar thermal and photovoltaic components for professional clients.

Since it was created in 2004, AS Solar has expanded its activity to several European countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, England), to North America and finally to North Africa through AS Solar Maroc.

AS Solar offers to its clients a large scale of products and services promoting an environmental friendly energy supply and significant savings on energy bills. AS Solar is offering turnkey solutions for hotels, factories, houses, farmers…

Through dedication and experience, we offer a competent service for all partners in the solar energy industry. Our goal is to enable the idea of solar energy as a reality throughout the world, thus contributing to an economically and ecologically secure energy supply. With AS Solar, the sun will not be lost on the horizon.

Securing Endless Energy.

as solar firmengebaeude module-4 1024The PV solutions offered from AS Solar are designed using innovative concepts and the latest technology. With AS Solar, confidence is a priority; we exclusively stock high quality components combined with precision workmanship, guaranteeing our customers long lasting durability at affordable prices.

After many years of hands-on experience, we know what matters most for our customers. Close cooperation and trustworthy consultation allow us to ensure perfectly coordinated turnkey solutions for systems of all sizes.

Solar Thermal
Rediscover the Sun.

as-maroc riad-fes roof 1024

Competence and trust are two essential components of a solar heating system. Whether considering individual accessories or an all-inclusive package our entire solar thermal portfolio is combined of reliable, long-lasting products. Easy to install and individually customizable our products offer excellent, affordable performance for years to come.

AS Solar’s competent consultation and reliable brand names make the decision easy. The durability and efficiency provided by a solar thermal system ensures heat and hot water on a daily basis.

Achieving Goals Together.

Sharing success is important to us; because we understand our customer's goals, we know that professional planning, consultation and optimised shipping procedures are key components to a successful cooperation.
From conception to completion, AS Solar provides the necessary resources. Energy yield assessments, draft agreements, photography simulations, solar insurance and technical support are just a few of our many services.

Generating energy from solar power has great potential in all areas of the economy. Only those with the correct technology and the knowledge to use it will remain successful in future competitive markets. Take part in our latest seminars and get connected with all the essential information you need at AS Solar's Academy.